Board of Directors & Leadership

Executive Committee

Dr. Wesley Davis | President
Dr. Andrea Smith-Brooks | Immediate Past President
Mr. Judson Smith | Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Paula Tucker | Board Chair

Board Members

Dr. Amanda Comer
Dr. Bradley Goettl
Dr. Melanie Gibbons Hallman
Dr. April Hill
Dr. David House
Ms. Cindy Kumar
Dr. Nicole Martinez

Committees Chairs

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Dr. Jennifer Wilbeck | Executive Director
Mr. Harrison Breuer, CAE | Association Executive
Ms. Allie Yoder | Event Manager


Dr. Kyle Kincaid
Dr. Elda Ramirez
Dr. Arlo Weltge

Liaisons & Adviseres

Dr. Jeff Goodloe, ACEP
Dr. Mary Kamienski
Dr. Barbara Safriet

Regional Directors

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