Corporate Organization and Board of Directors

Board of Directors



Dr. Andrea Smith-Brooks

Immediate Past President - 

Mr. Ken Stackhouse     

President Elect - 

Dr. Wesley Davis

Secretary/Treasurer - 

Ms. Paula Fessler

Board Chair - 

Dr. Amanda Comer


Directors - 

Dr. LaMon Norton
Dr. Eric Roberts
Dr. Melanie Gibbons Hallman
Dr. Paula Tucker                

Founders -

Dr. Kyle Kincaid
Dr. Elda Ramirez
Dr. Arlo Weltge

Liaisons & Advisers - 

Dr. Barbara Safriet
Dr. Mary Kamienski
Dr. Jon Hirshon, ACEP

Dr. Jennifer Wilbeck, Executive Director

Ms. Anna Jovel, Director of Operations




Bylaws - OPEN

Education - Tiffany Andrews

Finance - Judson Smith

Membership - Brittany Hines & Nicole Martinez

NP Validation - Jennifer Wilbeck & Wesley Davis

PracticeDr. Elda G. Ramirez & Dr. Paula Tucker

Political Action/Advocacy - Sharon Rainer & Amy Meredith







Regional Directors

Northeastern U.S.Lauren Schroeder

South Central U.S.Bill Nostrom

Southeastern U.S.Michael Gooch

Midwestern U.S.Mike Moore

Western U.S.Nicole Martinez

Lead Regional DirectorDavid House

For a list of State Reps, please go here